Welcome to We Artistic Women

Creating a World TOGETHER where WE get a say in how it goes with Our Art, Lives and on Our Planet!

About Us


A World where Artistic Women and Our Artistic Creations are Celebrated, Respected and Valued


Empowering, Supporting and Inspiring Artistic Women to Freely and Powerfully Fulfill on their Individual and Collective Visions for Themselves, their Art and the Planet.

What We Are:  

All Artistic Women … All Inclusive

What We Are Creating:  

A Global Platform … a Movement … for Artistic Women … to allow them to fulfill their creative Dreams, Visions and/or Purposes on the planet. We will provide access to whatever is needed including but not limited to: Resources, Training, Knowledge, Support, Physical/Material Things, Opportunities, and Connections. We Artistic Women are creating a World TOGETHER where WE get a say in how it goes with Our Art, in Our Lives and on Our Planet.

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